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Sheena Ryder plays a rich bitch that is rude to the wrong crowd of boys. They take her down and violate her holes with rough face fucking, double penetration, and a five guy facial before throwing her ass in the trash where she belongs!

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Ava Addams is being sexually harassed at the office by her male co-workers and decides to put a stop to it by reporting them to HR. Once they find out this big tittied bitch is a tattletale they lure her back to the office after hours and finally get their chance to grope her giant tits and fuck her tight light pussy and ass. She is bound with telephone cords, and beaten with keyboards until she finally submits and opens her holes up for double penetration. At the end they cum all over her face, bind her in duct tape, and leave her behind for the janitors to find. I wonder what they will do to her?!?

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